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Gerrie Schipske for city council 2024

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Long Beach --Get 9-1-1 Ready

Who Speaks for You in a Medical Emergency?

Who accurately knows your medical history?

Does your spouse know your medications?

Are you away from home?

Do you live alone?

How can we reduce 9-1-1 Delays?

Gerrie Schipske is a former EMT and Registered Nurse Practitioner, who is concerned about our Long Beach first responders. That’s why she took time to research how we can reduce 9-1-1 delays.

Gerrie contacted Lee Hite, the founder

of 911Ready.org. Lee agreed to let Gerrie Schipske share his information on how to get 9-1-1 ready.

Take a few moments and watch Lee’s video How to Reduce 9-1-1 Delays!

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Time may be critical! Do you really want the paramedics to spend precious time detailing your medical history in an emergency, when you could easily hand them your accurately recorded history on paper?

When you receive a visit from Emergency Medical Services they often need to gather your medical history and other vital information in an effort to provide the best of care.

Paramedics are licensed to administer drugs available in the emergency room at the hospital. They often cannot do that without your accurate medical history.

In addition, the first responder's time with you will be short and they often transport you to the Hospital (ER). That handoff transfer requires accurate patient information.


9-1-1 DELAYS

Download and complete your “Emergency Medical Information” form to assist paramedics in getting the medical information they need to respond quickly. CLICK HERE.

  1. Fold in half and stop at the fold line exposing the words "Emergency Medical Data."
  2. Place the EMD on the outside of your refrigerator using a refrigerator magnet or in an envelope marked "Emergency Medical Data." A magnet will not work on stainless steel so use an alternate attachment method. Consider including your Health Care Power of Attorney and the No-CPR or DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) form if you have one. The refrigerator is a known location in homes and easy to locate. Ask your local Fire/EMS for their preferred location.
  3. Place a copy of the (EMD) in the glove compartment box for each vehicle you own and for each member of the family. First responders often look there in a vehicle accident.
  4. Carry a copy in your purse, wallet, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, suitcase, golf bag, travel bag, baby pack, etc.
  5. Then think of any location where you might be without the (EMD) and make one available.
  6. Tell friends you have an (EMD) sheet and the locations.
  7. Have copies of your "Health Care Power of Attorney" and your (No-CPR or DNR) "Do Not Resuscitate" form, if you have one, in the same location as your (EMD). The forms won't help if they're not readily available.
  8. People that live alone will often place a copy of the (EMD) in a prominent location just as you enter their living quarters such as on a table in the foyer and make it easily identifiable.


CLICK to download, print and tape this sign in your front window so that first responders know where to find you medical information.


CLICK here to download your

Pet Rescue Alert sign, print it and tape this sign in your front window so that first responders know there are pets in your home.

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How Else to Help Our First Responders

Ask City Management to release the consultant report on the Fire Department.

Schipske Calls for City Management to Release Report on Long Beach Fire Department

Gerrie Schipske, a former EMT and Nurse Practitioner, called on City Management to release the details of a report completed last year which analyzed the Fire Department and apparently found some serious problems that have yet to be addressed.

Schipske, a candidate for the newly drawn 4th Council District, says she has followed stories in the Long Beach Post concerning the study completed by the consulting group, AP Triton, which she calls “disturbing.”

“If the report is correct, the men and women of the Fire Department are at a breaking point due to understaffing and an explosion in the number of calls for medical services,” says Schipske. “City Management needs to release the full report and provide information as to what is being done to deal with these serious problems.”

Schipske notes that the consulting report was ordered by the City Council to find ways to cut the Fire Department’s budget. “This is hypocritical considering the City Council increased their office budgets and waived hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes to bail out a downtown developer. Funding public safety should be their #1 priority.”

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Gerrie Schipske for city council 2024

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Long Beach --Get 9-1-1 Ready

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